4 Best Drinking Games Every Student Should Play

10 September 2021
Amber Zia

If you repeatedly play the same drinking games, things will get boring. For inspiring the students with some fresh games, this blog explains a few of them. 

Friends and Enemies

This game is notorious as it has broken even the strongest friendships. Take cards and distribute them equally. The first person to pick a card will say the name of a person in the group. The person whose name was called will drink for as many seconds as the number mentioned on the card. But in case someone else possesses the card with the same number, they have the power to save that selected person and pass the drinking to others.

Irish Snap

Limit the group to a small number, sit in a circle and distribute the cards. Taking turns, walk around the circle and place a card in the center. After placing down, say a value starting from Ace and ending at King. If a person says a value which matches the card, everyone will shout “Snap” and put their hands on the pile of cards. Last person to put their hand will drink. 

Around the world

This game has lots of variations and names. In the first round, a person will put 4 cards in front of another. The player will guess anything about the cards and whenever they’re accurate, they’ll give out drinks. But on a wrong guess, they will drink. There are more rounds and it ensures everyone is drinking. 

Fuzzy duck

This simple game is without cards. Form a circle and walk around saying “fuzzy duck”. Randomly, anyone can say “does he” at their turn which reverses everything. At this point, everyone will walk around in the opposite direction and say “ducky fuzz”. When someone again says “does he”, “fuzzy duck” will be back. In case someone messes up with words, they’ll drink. 

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